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5 Successful Tips Every Author Needs, To Make Money Through Writing.


  1. Have a Niche!
  2. Be a Good Editor…or get yourself one!
  3. Royalties are Important 
  4. Make Your Book Accessible To Your Readers
  5. Networking. 

Looking for just the right tips for a successful writing career? Of course, it is one thing to be a good writer, however, it is an entirely different ballgame earning from your writing skills or making good money from your works. So many good writers out there unfortunately fall under the category of those that merely write,that’s all.

This article provides an insight into five successful tips a writer needs to follow in order to professionally publish well received works and be on their way to becoming just that much richer through their writing.

It doesn’t even matter whether or not you have a 9-5, as you can easily add your writing to the several streams of income through royalties and other of your writing activities. You can comfortably live a good life off your writing skills. So, if you’re a writer looking to making a living off your writing, then these 5 successful tips to making money through writing is a must read.


One of the things you certainly need not take for granted while looking to making a living off your writing is having a niche. This is very important. This tailors your writing to its target audience. Being a successful writer has nothing to do with ‘just writing’.

Contrary to what many people think, you do not become a best selling author, or the best writer, (be it fiction or none fiction), by simply just writing. You need a target audience, people who resonates with your niche are your best bet to earning just that much more.

When your writing is all over the place, without a definite structure, it sadly looks all over the place and very unprofessional. Often times, professional authors that make the best out of their skills, do have a niche, be it sci-fi, love, fantasy, romance, religion, hope, and so on. Wherever your strength lies. Touch on themes that resonates with your readers, as this will sure guarantee you a spot at the professional table.

Also, as you work on having the perfect niche, you need something that will leave your readers parched for more. As a writer, it is never advisable to give it all away. The best way to go about this is ensuring a never ending to your stories. This strongly applies to fiction or nonfiction. For example,making your book into a series will sure leave your readers coming back for more! Never give it all away. Be creative and innovative. Think of ways to keep developing your character, look for more informations to add to your story to ensure your readers always have something to look out for.


Another tip you Should hold on dear to your heart dear author, is the importance of getting you a professional editor. While many authors insists on being their own editors, you can never get the job done one hundred percent.

Dear authors, work with a professional editor. No matter how careful we are as writers we always need an extra pair of eyes when it comes to editing. Also, authors are often too close to their stories or their characters to see their flaws without being bias. 

Working with a professional editor will help you spot character flaws even when you fail to admit they are there. A good editor will also help structure the progression of your story, help compare your story titles with other competitors of the same genre, not to talk of the grammatical errors we so often skip.


This is one of the tips you most certainly need to hold dear to heart. If you ever want to be a successful author, one who is on their way to making a living off their works, then your royalties is as important as your book itself.

Your royalty percentage highly depends on whether you self publish or you decide to follow the traditional publishing agencies.

As a self publisher, it goes without saying that your royalties is on the high side, as high as 60-70% royalties. But of course, you should have in mind that a self publisher bears all the production costs, editing costs, marketing as well as cost of your cover design, basically all that you will need in order to have your hard copy ready. 

Publishing through traditional publishing agencies leaves you with royalties of 20%. But you bear absolutely no production burden. 


As an author looking to making money through writing, you should make your book as accessible as possible. Make your book available in not just a static version, but multiple formats (ebooks, audiobooks, hard copies, etc.). Rigidity will get you no where.

These days, so many people prefers audiobooks because of its convenience. You do not want to publish a book that is available to just a small fraction of readers ,when you can reach out to so much more. 

In this regards, if you have a book written in foreign languages (German, Spanish, Chinese, etc) you may want to welcome the idea of having your book translated. This also works the other way around. Books written in English is no exception to being translated to other languages for more outreach. 


As an author looking to making money through writing, this is another tip of great coconsideration. You should be open to networking with other successful authors. No man is an island of himself and this strongly applies to authors.

Everyday, authors around the world are seeking more creative ways to get there book publicized and making more money from their books and you do not want to be left out.

Isolation is a success killer and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to as much authors out there as you possibly can! Learn from others, seek guidance from successful authors, especially those you share a similar niche with. This will help you grow immensely in your career journey. 

Goodluck in your career path dear Author!

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