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5 Best Paraphrasing Tools For Every Writer

Paraphrasing tools are very important to every writer, especially if you want to be the best in every way possible, ensuring all loopholes are strongly covered.

No matter how much of a good writer you think you are, the chances of having similar content out there somewhere is highly possible.

As a writer, staying original will keep you at the top rankings for a long time to come, and paraphrasing tools helps to ensure just that.

With each day that passes, multiple competitions sprout from every corner, evidently making the writing field a war zone, with everyone trying to stay recognized and relevant. And it would be a shame having your content flagged off as plagiarism. 

We are no longer living in the times where one’s plagiarism would go unnoticed, technology has ensured that is no longer so as search engines are now smarter and can easily detect and Flag off any work detected to be a product of plagiarism. 

As if writing isn’t hard enough, one has to deal with the headache of being worried of publishing a plagiarized work even if it is absolutely unintentional.

Paraphrasing tools exist to ensure that as a writer (professional or casual) your work stays as original as possible. It also ensures that your work comes out looking as polished and as professional as it can get. 


Well, one of the benefits of technological advancement to writers is the invention of AI powered tools that can help in rewriting your content in a different way while maintaining its original structure. These tools are called paraphrasing tools. 

Paraphrasing in its simplest explanation means rewriting or rewording. The expression of the same idea using different words. There are multiple ways to express yourself and as a writer, your words are your tools and strongest weapons, why not explore them? 

Paraphrasing tools undeniably makes the work easier for writers. Also known as a content spinner, it aids in generating new contents for a writer all while maintaining the same structure or idea of the original content.

If you’re worried about your writing not looking polished enough, paraphrasing tools helps to ensure that your writing looks professional, concise and readable all while giving your work originality.

There are multiple paraphrasing tools online, both paid and free versions, so the worry isn’t about searching for one. However, knowing the right paraphrasing that gets your rewriting job done in a satisfactory way can be a hassle.

To that regard, we have carefully researched and reviewed 5 of the best paraphrasing tools to make your work easier as a writer whether you are a student, professional writer, scholar or just a casual writer. 


  1. QuillBot 
  2. WordAI
  3. Champ Rewriter
  4. SpinBot
  5. SmallSEOTools

Each paraphrasing tool has been carefully reviewed and proven to be at the top of their game as they get the job done, so let’s dive in!

  1. QuillBot 

PRICE: $14.95 per month with a 3 days money back guarantee.

QuillBot has proven to be one of the best paraphrasing tools there is. Not only does this tool ensure that your work comes out looking professional and mistake-free, ( it’s AI also enhances your writing into a state of art work with its multiple word suggestions. It combines sentences in an intelligent manner. 

It is perfect for all fields of writing and can be used by any writer( students, professionals and academia). It has gone beyond to become a tool to look out for when preparing legal documents, emails and even theses. 

This paraphrasing tool is absolutely user-friendly and it also offers a free version! If you are looking to just have basic paraphrasing done, you absolutely should try out QuillBot.

You can also integrate this paraphrasing tool into your Google Docs or Microsoft word to make your paraphrasing process quite easy.

  1. WordAI

PRICE: $49.95 per month.

This paraphrasing tool is another tool to look out for. This tool has integrated, perfect tenses too that ensures your content consists of zero grammatical and typographical errors. If professionalism is your ultimate aim, then WordAI is your go-to.

It is a paraphrasing tool that is very common amongst SEO content writers and professional writers as well. 

  1. Chimp Rewriter 

PRICE: $16 per month 

This paraphrasing tool has you covered in all ramifications of writing. It has integrated in it ; bulk directory rewrites and anchor text spin. It provides room for attachments, making it easy to add pictures or videos to your content.

This is another tool that helps in assisting your context in looking professional and original. 

  1. SpinBot

PRICE: $11 per month 

This is the perfect paraphrasing tool choice for students as it is very user-friendly and doesn’t require much sign-in procedures.  It enables you paraphrase your content just by opening their website.

It is perfect for basic paraphrasing and provides multiple word suggestions. 

  1. SmallSEOTools 


This great paraphrasing tool is absolutely free! You don’t have to break your bank to afford it. If you’re in need of just basic paraphrasing, then you should definitely try out this free SmallSEOTools. 

You can paraphrase up to 2000 words with this tool and it provides you with a grammar and plagiarism checker ensuring your work is original to the very least bits. 


With these tools, you don’t have to worry about your work containing plagiarized content. They are perfect for rewriting your content for originality purposes while maintaining your original idea and structure. 

These paraphrasing tools are a must have for all writers as their possibilities are endless! 

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