Author's guide to book publicity Writing Series

4 Successful Tips Towards Book Publicity: An Author’s Guide


  1. Build Online Relationships. 
  2. Keep Watch For Pitching Opportunities. 
  3. Leverage On Your KeyPoints.
  4. Prepare a Fire Pitch Template.

Though often overlooked, publicity is important. Sometimes being an author goes way beyond just putting pen to paper, or creating imaginative spark.

There’s alot of work to be done, if you want your book out there in the hands of millions of readers across the world and not just sitting on your shelf, gathering dust.

An author’s work is never complete if nobody has read your work, no matter how much of a creative you think you are. There’s no greater joy or accomplishment that beats having millions of people across the world reading your book. 

Whether you’re a self published author or you prefer having it the traditional publishing way, (through publishing agencies), there’s alot of work to be done in order to get your work out to the world,(either as a hard copy or digital content), publicizing your book needs crucial and careful approaches and we’ve prepared a guide to make it easier. 

Believe it or not, the writing pool is very competitive, with so many creative minds fighting for the same spot and/or recognition.

There are a few things an author must do in order to set themselves uniquely apart from the rest. It takes more than just being good at writing to be a successful writer. The competition increases by the second, with every author around the globe pitching for the same print, or as with the rise of technology, pitching for the same digital space.

Below are a four(4) successful tips listed for every author who wishes to stand out amongst the crowd,and hoping to get the publicity and recognition from the right outlets,regardless of your genre.


 As an author looking to getting your book publicized and noticed by the right outlets or journalists, then you better be ready to activate your stalker mode. Be ready to go high and above in getting your book noticed.

The best way to go about building online relationships is by making the right researches, going on social media platforms and seeking out journalists that writes articles, contents or reviews that are related to your book theme. Follow them on their professional social media accounts (on LinkedIn,Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). You have to be very active in their spaces, by liking their posts, commenting and sharing whenever they make a post.

This way you get easily noticed by them and it is will be easier to get their attention when you approach them for a coverage of your work.


This should come easily if you are active on the social media sites of the desired outlets or journalists you wish to cover your book.

As an active follower on their social media spaces, you should be watchful of whatever posts they make. Things you should look out for are :

  • Who are they interviewing? Who have they interviewed?
  • What topics were being covered in the interview session?
  • What topics do they frequently post about?
  • What kind of stories or books do they make a review on every week?

Keeping watch of these things will help you prepare cause you never know when an opportunity may arise for you to pitch an idea or two, and that might just be your big shot in getting the recognition or audience you seek.


If you’re one of those authors who hardly ever take notes of their works, then you best be ready for some changes!

As an author outlining is very important and will prove useful in getting you prepared for your big publicity break. Your key notes is important because it will help you recognize the key points of your books.

Going through your work chapter by chapter will enable you recognize some of the vital concepts that your work addresses. Some of the the questions you should ask for yourself when seeking your relevant key points are;

  • What problems do I wish to address?
  • What solutions am i providing to each problem?
  • What can my readers learn from my book?
  • Is my book an educational piece? Am I looking to teach or inform my readers ?

With these vital questions asked, you should be able to derive just enough key points to help you prepare yourself as you watch out on social media spaces for the perfect pitch opportunity. 


Your pitch template should be absolute fire! A pitch is any form of presentation or communication aimed at persuasion.

As an author, you author’s pitch is any form of communication meant to persuade a journalist or a publishing agency towards covering your book, or seeking your expertise.

A pitch can come in different forms as it can be an email or even a letter you send, however, your pitch should be ready to go at whatever point and time. Each pitch should be updated to suit the different journalists or outlets you’re seeking to reach out to.

An author’s pitch should consist of the following;

  • A few lines about your book (The theme).
  • The publication date of your book. 
  • Key points and messages of your book.
  • Brief bio about you (The author).

As an author seeking to get your book published, it would be great if you have an author’s website created, containing all the information about you, (your brief background, social media handles, contacts details, call to action etc). 

Alas! When you do get to secure your desired publicity and coverage for your book, it is important that you make sure to share it on your social media, ensuring to tag the appropriate handles of the outlets or journalists covering your work. This will further help build your profile, build your connections and as well grow your network. 

We hope you find these tips helpful dear Author, as you begin the journey towards your book publicity, these tips will serve as the right guide in getting your name out to the world.