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Overcoming Writer’s Block: 4 simple steps.

It can be awfully frustrating when as a writer you experience a writer’s block. Especially when there’s a deadline to meet up. Writer’s block or creative block as many knows it is an age long barrier every writer and author has faced at one point in their career. Writer’s block is the ultimate nightmare of every creative mind, a situation that gives the heebies-jeebies. Overcoming a creative block is a process. Although some days, you get done with it so fast before one can say Jack Robinson. Other days it stays with you like a ghost lurking in the dark haunting you. Overcoming your creative block is a process, and part of that process involves you understanding what causes a writer’s block and the ways to conquer it and get back on track, dishing to the world, your creative juices.


In your quest of understanding what writer’s block is, comes the bugging question of what it really is. Writer’s block is a temporal state of being unable to write, create or just simply being unsatisfied with the content or quality of your work. These temporal state of dissatisfaction a writer may experience comes as a result of emotional or mental distress which may include, lack of motivation or inspiration. 


The causes of writer’s block varies, but one thing for certain is that it largely has to do with our mental state. With careful research and analysis by some professionals, some causes has been identified as the cause to having a writer’s block.

  • Stress
  • Frustration 
  • Disappointment 
  • Apathy

As a writer, experiencing stress or anxiety due to self criticism and overworking the brain can largely hinder the flow of your creative juices. You put so much pressure on yourself till you simply just can’t anymore. 

Another bummer that stands as a stumbling block is frustration. This breeds from mostly comparing your work with others, seeing all of the bad in your work and all of the good in others. This can lead to so much frustration that you just dont need. 

Disappointment is the after result of anger. This is what a writer feels when you place an external reward for yourself as your motivation to writing. When we seek external pleasures and they prove shortcoming, it is natural to feel anger and then disappointment. This has proven pretty harmful for your writing. 

Apathy comes from simply running out of inspiration. When your sources for inspiration runs dry, as a writer you simply dont bother anymore, or you find it extremely difficult to continue on.

Now that we have identified the possible causes for experiencing a writer’s block, it is natural to feel panic, thinking there’s so much wrong with you. Well don’t. It’s not as deep as it sounds because there are simple ways to overcoming a writer’s block, and we have carefully prepared 5 of the top list. 


  1. Keep Writing 
  2. Engage in other creative activities 
  3. Take a walk 
  4. Build your confidence 
  5. Take a break.


 This probably sounds ridiculous but trust me it’s not. Even when you think your ideas are not good enough, dont bother with such thoughts and just keep writing. No matter how small or irrelevant you think it is? Dont stop. One of the proven ways to tackling your writer’s block is to just keep going. Keep writing and do not listen to the voices in your head, unless they’re telling you some incredible ideas for your work.


Just because your creative juices stopped flowing at the moment doesn’t mean you get to back up to the corner and cry. There are a million and one other creative activities you can engage in that can get your wheels running again. Numerous other creative activities to engage in includes ; singing, fishing, dancing, drawing etc. Take the pressure off yourself and go have fun with other activities as this will stimulate the creativity in you and you’ll be up and again before you even realise it.


Get up that chair and take a walk. There’s something magical about simply taking a walk. Apart from it being a good exercise, it is self soothing and relaxing. Taking a walk, either with a loved one or simply all by yourself is a great medicine to your writing fever.


As a writer, self criticism and comparisons is toxic. Trust me, you dont need that extra baggage you carry. Building your self confidence largely affects your writing skills. You should have confidence in yourself because you’re your number fan!


How about a nap? Yes! Take a nap. There’s no better break than that. Plus, you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take over the world. Sleeps are very important to our health and mental capacity, so, don’t be shy and enjoy your nap!

Dear writer/author, these five simple steps should help you be on your way to getting your writing juices overflowing again. Do not fidget when you experience a writer’s block. It is not the end of the world. Have fun!