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Secrets To Writing Compelling Books

secrets to writing compelling books

It is never easy, knowing all the secrets to writing compelling books or stories. Not even for the most experienced writers of all. As authors we, at one point in our career need a little nudge to the right directions in order to get the ball rolling again. 

There’s no shame in seeking just a little guidance, especially when you’re looking out to write compelling books that are sure to get your readers hooked and running back for more.

This article has been packed with all of the right steps an author seeks to achieve the ultimate aim of every writer/author: writing compelling books. So, get your champagne ready,sit back, relax, and enjoy the reading as this will surely help in setting the crooked line straight. 


  1. Developing Ideas
  2. Outlining 
  3. Build Compelling Characters 
  4. Format Your Manuscript To Professional Standards.

For every author, writing compelling books is a dream come true. There’s no greater joy that beats the feeling of accomplishment and pride when you see your book becoming a bestseller.

No matter what we’d like to think, we all need a little help, a fresh perspective, to get our mind bursting with ideas and our manuscripts off the dusty shelves and into the laps of our beloved readers. 

Below are 4 carefully articulated steps to take in order to make your book very unique and to better shape your book as it spreads out across brainstorming, character building and giving your story the right structure to fuel your writing progress and skills.


This has to do with a lot of brainstorming. Brainstorming is one thing that is very common with writers. It is very essential to explore your ideas( whatever they may be, however insignificant you feel they are).

Exploring your ideas allows them the chance to grow and morph into the very bones of your story. Ideas are like seeds, needing to be watered, cared for and given the chance to grow. They are the very foundation of your story and ultimately, your book. 

Take out your precious little time to nurture the thoughts of the perfect protagonist, your supporting characters, your antagonist and down to the very structure of the plot. Developing your ideas will help in kick starting your journey to writing compelling books. 

Oftentimes, authors tend to rush this process, not giving their character ideas the right time to grow and they end up with rushed results and a not so satisfying book.

Let your ideas moph

This should be the next hurdle to conquer my dear author, in your quest to write compelling books. 

After developing your ideas, you should create a detailed outline of your book, nailing down all the vital details you want included in your book. A good book needs a structure, for without it, you’ll end up with a mess.

It helps you keep in check the main plots of your story, as well as subplots and how they fit perfectly into your book overall. A very good tool recommended for this is Scrivener. This tool is used by many writers in writing their books and we hope it serves you well. 


Boy oh boy! If this isn’t important, I don’t know what else is. Character building is another important factor to writing compelling books.

The characters are the very heart to any story. They literally make or break you. It is important to ensure you build a character relatable to your readers, sculpting them to perfection, down to the smallest bit of detail (height, age,occupation, family, interest, etc.).

You do not want to lose your readers, leave them wondering what your book is all about, and your characters ensure so. Take your time to develop the identity of your characters, make them as realistic as they can possibly get. 


This is as important as the very content themselves. While you feel the contents matter more, how your work is being presented, in what format is your work being presented equally matters as much. 

Literary agents and publishers expect nothing less of your work than professional Standards. Presenting a professionally formatted manuscript, helps you stand out for all the right reasons.

Whether your writing is in verse or added illustration notes, whether or not you’re self publishing or through traditional publishing agencies, the presentation of your work matters and you should take extra care in ensuring they come looking as professional as possible. 

Hopefully all of these tips were super helpful as you rage on in conquering the world with your amazing and compelling books.